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Save Money with These 3 Hair Removal Products

When you move every year, it’s hard to find somebody you can trust with removing hair from your body. A lot of questions run through your mind when trying to find a professional esthetician. What kind of wax do they use? Will it irritate my skin? Are they gentle? Is the place sanitized?

Well, if you move a lot like military spouses, this process can be draining and may cause some damage to your skin or two different eyebrow shapes (I know from experience). Not to mention, you risk paying a lot of money for a jacked-up job. Eyebrow threading can cost $20 or more, a lip wax is at least $10, bikini wax can cost at least $25, arm wax is about $40, and so on. It all adds up. And if you’re a military spouse just arriving at a new duty station, you probably aren’t employed yet. This is a little too pricey for some of us, such as for myself, to keep paying. We got bills to pay!

So, I recommend the following waxing products that are super easy to use all by yourself.

This hard wax is freaking amazing! I use it on my face, my bikini line (I can’t do on my own my Brazilians), my arm pits and arms. You can use it anywhere on your body from head to toe. My skin is always clean – fresh out of the shower- before I use it. I don’t want to mix dirt or oils with wax, as this may cause breakouts. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I don’t risk it. You also don’t need strip cloths, because it is a hard wax. This makes the waxing experience pretty clean and simple.

The Cirépil wax is a hard wax, so it needs to be melted. I’m not a professional esthetician, so I don’t risk warming up the wax in a microwave or on the stove top. I just don’t know how to do that without burning my skin. So, I use this warmer to melt the wax for me. I use the low to medium setting for my face and the medium to high setting for my body. You just stick the Cirépil tin in the warmer and turn it on. It’s super simple!

At first, I asked myself why I would need these craft sticks. The answer is because you don’t want to wax your vagina and then put the same stick back in the wax to then use the wax on your face. Ewwwww…. So, you want to use disposable sticks to throw away after each application.

I really hope this helps you out and leads you into the direction of saving money as you stay looking smooth and clean. If you have any questions about waxing or what my routine is to prep my skin, let me know and I’ll share with you!

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