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We reached a new milestone in my family.

I woke up at 5:30am with my husband, so I could begin my morning routine of completing my Bible study, make breakfast and wait for X to wake up. Except I had one more thing to do: pack Xipher's lunch and snacks. Monday was his first day of Montessori School and I was so excited for him.

Montessori education was created by Maria Montessori and gives the child the freedom to learn how he/she wants to learn. Montessori teachers study each child as an individual, allowing them to individualize learning lessons for each student.

On Sunday, we had a busy day exploring and buying things that X would need at school, like a mat, blanket, pillow and of course a first day of school outfit!!

I couldn't wait to dress him up! He looked so freaking adorable!

I failed as a mom and got him to school 10 minutes late, but whatever! Lol!

He was so excited to join his classmates. As soon as his teacher opened the classroom door, he ran inside and joined Circle Time. He didn't even give me a kiss goodbye! At least he didn't cry!

I'm not a huge crier, so I can't say any tears came out when I dropped him off. Instead, I was so proud of him. He looked so handsome and eager to learn. I knew he was going to have fun and make friends.

I'm excited to see his progress in his learning and social abilities!

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