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Living the Dream

Some people may tell you that your life stops after having a baby. Maybe you're like me- you believed them. So you put these time limits on your life to fulfill certain goals or dreams by a specific age or before you have kids. Maybe you already had kids and you stopped dreaming. People told you that your dream is impossible to achieve with kids. It's way too hard. Yet these people are the same people who have no idea what they're talking about. They're unhappy with their life decisions and think because things didn't work out for them, things won't work out for you. I know some moms may tell their child that they pushed their dreams to the side because of their child(ren). Now the children feel like parenthood prohibits them from accomplishing dreams. In actuality, it's all a lie. Dreams don't come true because of circumstances, but because of not pursuing them. It's a decision that a person makes to not have their dreams come true.

According to Leonie Dawson, an Australian author and mentor to women business owners, 80% of people don’t even think about goals. Think of the bigger impact it would have on your child if him or her witnesses you working towards your dreams and achieving goals. I'm pretty sure that would positively impact a child's life more than regretting or settling. Yes, I've taken time off to care for my son even though he can attend daycare full time, but I had a dream to take care of my son until he was two. Why I had this dream, I don't know! Haha! But you know it's harder to live the dream than dream the dream. My other dreams are still attainable and thanks to my son and not yet conceived daughter, I have another reason to accomplish my dreams. I want to be their biggest role model. I want them to witness the joy, hard work and benefits of achieving dreams and goals. I’ve actually never stopped working towards my dream of being an influencer, since I became a mom. This blog is a huge part of my dream. People say it's harder to accomplish your goals with kids and yes it's hard. But I think everything in life is hard. Everything has obstacles. Having kids is a blessing, not an excuse.

There are ways to work towards your dreams even when you have a full plate and a full-time job. I’m currently reading Self Made by Nely Galán, and she encourages us not to quit our jobs to reach our dreams, but to work towards our dreams on the side. Do side projects to become financially stable and get your kids involved! I love this book!

I think a lot about young teenage single moms who are often looked down upon. Society views them as hopeless. They’ve ruined their lives. I don’t agree with society. Teenage moms are going to have it rough, but what mom doesn’t have it rough? What I’m saying, is that nobody has it easy. It’s always hard. If we were to encourage and help these young moms instead of deeming them as hopeless, our society would be more successful.

We need to teach ourselves and younger generations to not listen to the unhappy and regretful people. Lets listen more to those who are encouraging and living their lives to their fullest potential.

I’ve realized that sometimes I want to give up on my dreams because it would be ok with society. It would be understandable – I’m a mom- I'm a woman- I'm a married woman.

But I’m not accepting that!

I’m not going to influence my children or anybody else to stop dreaming.

I want any of us who are in a rut or who feel like we had to put our dreams behind us for whatever reason, to start working on our dreams and let go of any excuses. No matter what, obstacles occur in everyone’s lives when reaching for dreams. Whether you have kids or not, reaching a dream is always hard, so don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you a certain life event excuses you from reaching your dreams.

Be a mom, provide for your family and work on your dreams.

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