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I Woke Up

The United States of America was shocked on Tuesday evening after continuously hearing Donald Trump was ahead in votes. Social media was flooded with disgust over our newly elected president. I was gloomy from 9pm Tuesday to 9pm Wednesday.

I woke up Thursday morning to sunlight – something I didn’t see Wednesday. I was then reminded that there is light to focus on. There is still hope in our country because there are still people and there is still God.

I woke up remembering that we live in a Democracy. We live in a country where people can speak freely and assemble. Having a new president who ran his campaign as a bully does not take away our first amendment. We need to assemble together and do our parts to make sure our country continues to move forward. I hope it is very clear to you now that we cannot solely rely on our elected leaders to solve the issues that deal with race, rape, injustice, misogyny and LGBTQ. WE as a people must solve them by engaging with our communities and our elected politicians. We have obviously not done enough, so we need to keep doing more. But we need to do it in a loving manner. We need to ask God for guidance.

I woke up inspired to be more engaged in my community – to spread love towards everyone I come in contact with. I woke up inspired to empower women, children and minorities- to continue what Hillary Clinton has fought for since she was a teenager.

I woke up thanking Donald Trump for bringing government into more minds and homes for bringing forth the hatred that fills the hearts of our fellow Americans. It can no longer be denied, and that’s a blessing in disguise. It is very apparent that racism, sexism, misogyny, rape - SIN - is so engrained in our culture. All of this has become cultural norms, that the majority of Americans are not even woke to what’s happening in front of their eyes.

I woke up reading fearful posts on social media because of what our newly elected president promised during his campaign. Don’t be afraid! We live in a democracy where we the people can stand up for ourselves and others. Fear gets us nowhere, but where the enemy wants us. Don’t live in fear. Live in hope! Have hope in your allies! You are strong because God made you strong. Fear is not strength, so lose it!

I woke up praising God for what He has done in our country. He has brought the truth to light. And the truth is WE as a nation have become so distant from God. That’s why it feels like we’re going backwards in time. That’s why we are witnessing history repeat itself. A lot of us claim to be believers in God, but do not accept His powers. We do not accept the fact that He RULES our world and even our great nation. He controls and allows everything that happens to us. Sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing, but He tells us not to lean on our own understanding, instead trust in Him. (Proverbs 3:5) We cannot successfully do anything without Him, yet we continuously try.

I woke up saying a prayer for my newly elected president. I did not support him during his campaign but I will do my part to make sure his term is a success – and that begins with prayer. Here’s my prayer for our president-elect:

I woke up not wanting our leaders to fail. If they fail, we fail. So please, do not try to conquer hate with hate. We already know LOVE NEVER Fails!

I woke up knowing that the only way to create change, is to call on God.

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