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How Mom Got Her Groove Back

I wish I could tell you about a very extravagant experience with bright lights, shopping bags and loud music, but truth is when you become a mom, the little things make the biggest impact.

This Monday I got all dolled up in my yoga pants, sports bra, tank top and tennis shoes to take a couple of hours to clean up the house. Oh yeah! Super exciting! I blasted my favorite podcasts on my mini Bose speaker and let the sunshine brighten my house.

These past couple of weeks, I found myself getting irritated quickly and feeling a bit stressed. I looked around the house and realized that my house was getting out of my comfort zone. My husband had a friend over and it was unexpected on my end. I hadn't mopped the floors in about two weeks. I hadn't cleared the kitchen table of all my work stuff. I left my bright red bra hanging on my son's playpen in the living room. Please don't judge us single friend with no kids!

At that point, I realized I needed to get my groove back. I needed to get myself and my home back together. Just the other day, I was mentioning to the women in my Bible study class that my home is usually a mess when I feel a mess. Then out of nowhere a tornado hit my house and I knew I was speaking the truth in Bible class.

It felt so amazing to sweep and mop all by myself. You're probably rolling your eyes right now because I'm actually saying cleaning my house was amazing. But it was! I had the whole house to myself and I was in my zone. I was encouraged to live a great life by the podcasts booming through the speaker and was even laughing with the ladies on the podcasts. Ahhhhhh... I had me time! Since I moved to Oklahoma, I hadn't had the house to myself and it's so hard to clean with my 19 month old son and husband home. It's pointless to clean with them home. Once I became fed up with looking at a messy home, I came to my senses and put my son in day care for a couple of hours like I used to. I didn't realize how much therapy I received by cleaning alone. It's my time to reflect, create ideas, and enjoy whatever I want to on my mini speaker. No Bob the Train!!! Haha! Looks like Mondays are my cleaning days. I've found a routine here and I'm super excited!

Oh the things moms get excited for... What happened to my life?? Lol!!!

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