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Your Calling Right NOW

With all the chaos going on in our world and in our country, it's hard to keep calm and enjoy our life circumstances. This week, within two days, two black men were unjustly shot and killed by police officers.

I am married to a black man and we have a black son. I can let the horrifying stories of injustice on black lives worry me day and night or I can choose to give my worries to God and hold onto hope. I choose the latter.

I've made the decision to not worry about much. I wish I could say I don't worry at all but I'd be lying. I worry about minute and serious issues until I realize that I'm doing so. Once I come to this realization, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and pray with an open and faithful heart.

God created us with specific roles to make His world spin perfectly, but he also gave us free will. With free will, we have the choice to call on God or not. Are you fulfilling the roles he assigned to you or are you fulfilling the roles you created for yourself?

If we fulfill the roles we created for ourselves, then our world doesn't spin as God intended it to. We're not doing what he intended us to do. Instead we do things that we see others doing or we do things we "think" we should be doing.

I pray that God uses me to fulfill His will. I want to do so much, but right now God hasn't put action into my heart. Instead God is using me to love and raise my son through Him. He's using me to show affection to my husband everyday and night because right now they need me more than anybody else. I can only hope my love will affect more than I can imagine. I think it does.

I'm not called to express my emotions on social media, nor protest, nor join an organization right now. So I'm not going to do any of that right now. If and when I am called to do any of these things, I will.

What are you called to do right now in the midst of all this chaos? Not what do you think you should do. But what are you called to do? If you're called to love, then show love but don't show the hate and anger within your emotions. If you're called to speak up, speak what God is telling you, not your own thoughts. If you're called to be silent, then please stay silent. If you're called to wait, then wait. Don't do things because you want to, do things because God wants you to do them.

What if we were to all pray for guidance on how to live right now and faithfully obey what God tell us? Do you think the world would be more chaotic or more peaceful?

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