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The Woman Who Wants it All (pt. 3)

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose


I feel like this is probably the hardest thing to do. When we do things for ourselves, the feeling of selfishness creeps in. That’s the enemy (the devil) telling you lies. Shut that demon up!

You need to invest in your personal growth in order to positively impact others the way God intends for you to do so. Learn God’s word and how he speaks to you. I did this by attending PWOC (a place where Christian women met for bible studies and fellowship on military posts). As I took the time to learn the word and grow spiritually, my confidence rose and I learned how to gracefully deal with negativity.

This year, the enemy was attacking me real hard since I took a year off from my career. He was telling me things like:

  • You’re not gonna get into grad school if you don’t work this year

  • You better not rest because then you’ll be lazy

  • Nobody is gonna hire you next year

  • Why are you putting Xipher in childcare once a week? You’re not even working.

I mean he was working overtime! Oh my goodness!

Pastor Janie at Heritage Church in Radcliff, KY said it perfectly, “The only way to shut the devil up is with the Word of God.”

Figure it out

You have to trust that God will lead you in the right direction. Seek him for answers through prayer. Pray anytime of the day. If you’re driving and all of sudden you begin thinking, Oh I need to ask about my life purpose… Just go on ahead and turn that thought into a prayer. Lord, please tell me what my life purpose is. Simple as that! But don’t close your eyes while you’re driving on the road. Haha! If you want to add more to your prayer, which you probably will as you pray more, go for it! He listens at anytime, anyplace.

If he leads you to seek outside help like he did with me, then do it. He led me to take a webinar to figure out my life purpose and I am so glad I obeyed him! I feel different. I have all of these ideas and I write them down because I know I can accomplish them with God.

Take Charge

Know this: You are second in command of your life. God is first. He controls your life (thank God!!!) and then it’s up to you to obey. So you’ve got your life purpose figured out and you’re feeling confident and ready to take on the world… So AWESOME!!!!!

What now?

Set goals. Set detailed goals. Take the time to sit down by yourself and actually write out your life purpose and brainstorm with God how you should fulfill it. What exactly does your life purpose entail? What are you going to have to do or sacrifice to get started on this amazing life journey? God will give you all the answers if you just ask him. Sometimes he doesn’t tell you right away, so be patient with him and stay in contact with him.

I pray for all of you to enjoy the journey of greatness in your life by appreciating everything that God is doing in your life. Lets not forget to always display love towards EVERYONE, including ourselves on this journey. If we have God in our hearts, then we have love in our hearts.

God is love.

Thanks to my talented husband, Antuan X Aaron for the artwork!!

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