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The Woman Who Wants It All (pt. 2)

What is Greatness?

As I was speaking to my husband about my personal goals in life, I often used the word great. He said “greatness” is subjective and asked what greatness means to me. I didn’t even know. What might be a “great” paycheck to me would probably not be a great paycheck to Beyoncé. Some people may not even see Beyoncé as great, but I totally disagree with them! Haha!

So what is greatness?

I’m over here setting goals for my life without a clear objective. As I was pondering over this, I remembered a woman I met two years ago, Aya Eneli, was hosting a webinar about the power of our thoughts. I signed up for it and received a worksheet to help me figure out my life purpose. I mean things couldn’t happen more perfectly!

Then, I’m up late one night completing this worksheet, when I needed a mental break. I decided to get on Facebook and you wouldn’t believe what popped up on my timeline. Oprah Winfrey delivering a speech!

Oprah was giving a speech at a luncheon for the N Street Village and said, “By success I mean being able to stand in the truth of yourself and use who you are in service to yourself, your family and your community in a way that brings meaning to your life and others. By success, I mean being able to do that and have a sense of contentment and joyfulness when you do it.”

Wow!!! So much for a mental break! Haha!! I just could not believe that I came across such a profound speech while I’m in the process of discovering my life purpose – as I’m trying to discover my personal meaning of greatness, which I interchangeably use with success.

Oprah goes on to say, “Greatness is determined by service.”

I came to a conclusion that greatness is subjective to each individual because greatness is fulfilling your personal life purpose.

What’s your life purpose?

I truly believe the only way to figure out your life purpose is to call on your creator, God. I prayed every time I wondered about my life purpose and prayed for answers as I completed the worksheet from Aya Eneli’s webinar, As A Woman Thinketh.

By answering questions concerning my passions, my nature, experiences, and God’s calling, I realized that I needed to use all the skills God provided me and boldly act on my life purpose.

I will impact the world by inspiring others to love and be their greatest selves with God in their lives through the use of speech therapy, published writing, blogging, appearing on television, movies, publications, and by speaking at workshops and conferences.

So, who else is on this mission towards greatness?

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