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Never Letting Go

My mom always tells me, "I'm going to remind you of this when you're 50," whenever I say I'm going to look great forever.

"Please do! Cuz I never want to let myself go!"

It's hard for me to understand why people (men and women) let themselves go. Mind you, I have amazing genetics that I am so very thankful for. Instead of gaining weight when I don't workout, I lose weight. But I lose my curves, muscle definition, my sexiness and most importantly my health.

Everybody loses their health when they decide to stop caring and let go of themselves.

The mindset of "letting go" is difficult for me to comprehend. Could it be due to the fact that I'm still young? I truly hope not. I hope to still have zero comprehension of that mindset when I'm 50, 60, 90, 100.

I gain too much from working out. Here are my main seven reasons for being a #FitMom.

1. I'm happier

I think about whatever is bothering me, while I'm in the gym and sweat it out. I use the adrenaline from whatever is really pissing me off to run harder, lift more or crunch more. By the end of my hour-long workout, my head is cleared, my thoughts are processed, my stress is relieved, and I'm pretty much over it.

Oh yeah, and science shows that exercising releases endorphins which triggers positive feelings. This is most likely why I'm over my troubles after working out. I don't care for anything that may bring me down from my natural high.

2. I'm more confident

I'm more confident in everything I do just by getting in shape. I feel good, productive, strong, and healthy. I love to not struggle when I pick up my son in his car seat. "I got this!"

3. Goals

Working out gives you something to work towards. During my first workout after giving birth, I struggled squatting the bar! Yes! The bar! But I knew if I kept at it, I'd get stronger. Now I'm squatting 25 pounds on each side and I can't wait to take that picture of 45s on each side! Oh I miss those days of showing out in the gym with my little frame! Nobody ever expected me to lift so much weight because I've always been so thin, but I'm so strong!

My current goal is to gain endurance, which leads me to my next reason!

4. I'm in the mood

Not all the time but way more than before I started working out. I think it's because I was so tired. Not tired to where I'd rather sleep. But tired in a sense that I lacked confidence in my ability to perform. I'd rather not have sex than suck at sex. I hated putting in work and then my legs burn after a minute. Ugh! But my endurance and confidence are increasing.

5. My clothes fits

No more saggy booty. I can actually wear all of my clothes, not just dresses!! Everything fits great so I can walk around in stylish outfits!

6. My son

All I want to be is the best example for my son. If he sees me treasuring my mind and body, then I'm positive he will do the same. And I pray he looks for someone who also cares for themselves.

7. My husband

He definitely keeps me motivated! He's competing in the Kentucky Muscle this November, so he looks SEXY!! (Follow him on Instagram: @Xipher3) OmG! How did I get so lucky?? Even though he loves me for who I am in the inside, I always want him to love my appearance as well. Is that wrong? Shallow? I don't think so. It's human nature to be attracted to certain things. I want to stay physically attractive to him forever. I know I'm not going to have tight shiny skin forever but I can be in shape forever.

Do you have similar reasons for working out? Do you lack the motivation to workout? What are your reasons for working out or not?

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