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The Unexpected

Five years ago I thought I was never going to get married. The idea of being in another serious relationship was just not for me. That is until I decided to invite my now husband to a night out on town in Dallas with my cousin and I. One year later I was married.

My husband and I were planning on waiting about four years before we had any children. Eleven days after our one year anniversary, I gave birth to my beautiful son.

The day I found out I was pregnant, I made a firm decision to have a natural delivery. No drugs, no epidural, no surgery, no nothing! I gave birth through an emergency c-section.

I've never been sick or hospitalized. I never expected to have any issues with my pregnancy. I ate organic foods, exercised and kept a happy state of mind even with my husband deployed. 35 weeks into my pregnancy, I developed Acute Fatty Liver Disease during Pregnancy and gave birth to my son a month premature.

What have I learned from life's unexpectedness? Always prepare for the unexpected. That lesson definitely comes in handy for every mom.

I've also come to appreciate my practice of optimism all these years. No matter what event was unexpected, the outcome was always a blessing.

I love my life!

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