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Appreciating the Moment

This week, I often caught myself smiling and appreciating the moment. My son is growing and getting older. His naps at every two hours are slowly fading away. The moments of easily putting him to sleep are over. Well, kind of.

I decided to take his cues of sleepiness as a hint to "I'm tired and almost sleepy." So, when he starts getting fussy, I take him upstairs, feed him and rock him until he lifts his head up, looks me in the eyes and smiles. Ahhhhh!!!! Ok you don't have to go to sleep. You're so darn cute! So, I sit him up in his crib and let him baby talk to me. I play peek a boo with him and watch him smile and giggle. I'll straighten up his room as he watches until he starts to fuss again. Then, I feed him what's left in his bottle and hold him while he closes his eyes and rests his head on my breast. His lips part and all I hear are his breaths. I want this moment to last forever. I kiss him on his forehead and place his peaceful little body in his crib.

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