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The Man Above

Nobody ever said being a mom was easy because being a mom is hard! Haha/tear tear. Nothing can prepare you for what you experience. During my alone time when my son takes naps, I constantly reflect on how I handle situations. Then I try to come up with a better way in handling future incidents that may upset me. This morning I over reacted over a permanent marker. My husband didn't put the marker back where it belonged and left the top off so the marker dried out. I couldn't find my other marker so I threw a hissy fit and raised my voice. It's usually the little things that throw me overboard. I've realized this and can't stand that about myself. I'm working on it. Today I realized what I've been doing wrong this entire time. As I read a book, Prayers for Boys, to my son given to him by a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I realized that I haven't been turning to God in my time of unhappiness. Actually, I've been neglecting God these couple of weeks. This morning we read the book and said a little prayer for the day. I asked for patience and kindness to get me through my day. As I put my son in his playpen, so I can clean the kitchen, he began fussing. I let out a sigh of annoyance and then told myself, "No. Don't go there. Talk to God." So I did and asked him again for patience and kindness. I felt a lot better. I picked up my son and cleaned a little with him on my hip. The whole thing is changing your attitude. And I need help from the Man above with that!

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