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Follow Up- Relax

You would think relaxing would come easy, but it's the total opposite for me. Last week I challenged myself to relax during the day because I was being too uptight and feeling stressed most of the time.

I'm a borderline work-a-holic and so not working is weird for me. It's strange to not be on such a rigid schedule. I have to constantly remind myself that it's ok if something doesn't get done. It's actually better to leave something undone than to stress myself out trying to get it done. When I'm stressed, everybody feels it. Why make my family feel that. I'd rather everyone be happy and relaxed.

This week I had to constantly remind myself to relax. I was hurriedly cleaning the kitchen and washing dirty bottles so I could finish before Xipher wakes up. Then I told myself I should be relaxing. So I finished wiping the kitchen counter and took a seat on the couch. I could only stay seated for 10min. Haha! But it was well worth it. I got back up and felt so much better. I calmly washed the bottles and when Xipher woke up, I was excited to see his beautiful smile. I think it's crazy how I still managed to get everything done by the end of the day without stressing and rushing. And my mood was upbeat and friendly. I knew my husband would enjoy his time at home when he got off work because I welcomed him with a genuine smile and kiss everyday. (Ok one day I didn't do so well with relaxing, but I definitely had other good days to compare to. It was evident that relaxing works for me!)

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