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Oh you just gotta love breastfeeding. Haha!! I'm an exclusive pumper- not by my choice. Any pumper knows that I would not choose this route. It's my son's preference. It's not completely his fault. He was a month premature and was delivered through an emergency c-section. He stayed in NICU for a week and was given formula and my very little amount of breast milk that I was so desperately able to produce. Breastfeeding is something I'm so proud to be doing. Breast milk is the best food for my son, since it provides antibodies that protects him from dieseasses and viruses. Not to mention it's free!

it just thrills me with joy that I have stayed disciplined to consistently pump all for the little human being that my husband and I created. The female body is so amazing! I changed my lifestyle for my little boy. I'm proud of myself for being dedicated to breastfeeding. I started off as an undersupplier, but seeked advice from laction consultants, my sister in law, and other moms off forums from Now, I'm oversupplier after months of pumping every two hours for thirty minutes per pump. It's hard work, annoying, exhausting, time consuming, but all so worth it!! Keep breastfeeding and pumping mamas!!! Your the bomb diggity!!! And you breastfeed in public if you're comfortable to do so!!! I love seeing those strong mamas feeding their babies liquid gold!

For more information on breastfeeding check out La Leche League and definitely consult with a Lactation Nurse. These women are amazing!!

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