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This Week's Lesson

I was warned about the year you have your first child. I always thought it'd be different between Antuan and I.

Sometimes I beat myself up for being unhappy, which seems like most of the time. Then this doesn't make me feel any better. This whole transition into a mom has been rough on me. It's been hard to mentally deal with at times. And it's almost everyday where I feel drained. I'll be happy, but then one little mistake can set me off. I brush it off most times, but then something else will upset me. And things just begin to boil up inside me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm focusing too much on the negative. Sometimes I wonder if I let too many things go unnoticed. I wish I could be happier and calmer with how things are going. I'm so stressed and I don't know when to relax. I always feel like I have to do something. It's hard for me to take breaks. That's something I'm going to try starting tomorrow. I'm just going to relax.

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